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Overdue post about Cosplay Mania 2013!

I'm horrible at updating my blog it seems...

今年のCosplay Maniaも凄いですよ!(すごく厳しいよw)2013のSpecial Guestは日本の麗華さん、KANAME☆、GOLDYさん、シンガポールのJesuke, Vic, Reiko, Viospaceです!ニックさんも行けました。インドネシアのOrochiとPinky Luxun。
This year's Cosplay Mania was, of course awesome as last year (also even more strict haha). The special guests for this year were Japan's Reika, Kaname, Goldy. Singapore's Jesuke, Vic, Reiko, Viospace. Nik also went with them. Indonesia's Orochi and Pinky Luxun.

in this update, it'll be short and mostly just photos with short captions.

 Day 1
Day 1のコスプレうたプリです!Jasmineと一緒!
Day 1's cosplay, UtaPuri! With Jasmine as Syo
翔ちゃん:Jasmine トキヤ:ユイー

ホールに行ったとき、見慣れた顔を発見! (笑)
When we went in the hall, spotted familiar faces! lol!
Sadly, Reiko wasn't there.
音や:Viospace レン:Jesuke 七海:Vic

麗華さんのMeet & Greet!また兵長を会った〜ははは
At Reika's Meet & Greet. Meeting Heichou again! hahaha
Finally meet Jin for the first time!! Only saw her from a distance last year.
More SNK cosplay!!
Day 2の準備完了!
Day 2 complete!
 Vio & Reiko!!綺麗のハンジとかわいいのサシャきゃー!
Managed to contact and meet up with these 2 dearies for day 2!
Ahhh Hanji and Sasha! so adorable.
where are the kyojins?!! lol

 フィリピンの友も会ったよ! Romeo&Rein
Met some friends in the Philippines too! 
Here's the sexy Romeo and pretty Rein lol.

おおおおー!めっちゃ美味しいのMango Bravoケーキです!!!
Super mega delicious Mango Bravo cake at Conti's! MUST HAVE when in the Philippines.
Group photo! Thanks everyone.
Overall I had an amazing time in the Philippines! The full album is on my Facebook!

リンクはこれです::Link to full album

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Whoa I haven't updated since cosplay mania last year... And it's almost time for cosmania again this year!
I'll be back in the Philippines again to attend that event haha. Last year was the mark of my starting to travel overseas by myself, which I thought was pretty cool.
Anyways... I think my future updates will be short and maybe with pics.
Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn arrived just a day ago. After the huge update I can finally play today.
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